Thursday, 30 August 2012

Woollen pom poms

I asked my mum if she had any spare wool lying around. Luckily she had heaps so we tried making woollen poms poms with Alex and Jasmine. This is something I remember fondly from my days at kindy. I couldn't remember exactly what to do so refreshed my memory at

We used a CD to trace a circle on thin cardboard (left over cereal box). We made two pom poms so cut out four CD circles in total. Next we cut a small circle in the middle of the larger circles. It's okay to cut a slit in the large circle to make it easier to cut the smaller, inner circle.

After you've finished cutting, you put two pieces of cardboard together and then wind the wool around around the cardboard starting from the centre until the whole circle is covered.

Next you cut the wool on the outside edge of the circle.

Your pom pom will start to take shape. Wrap some wool around the centre, in between the two pieces of cardboard and tie a knot. You can now remove the cardboard. You can make the pom pom hang on a long or short piece of string. The pom pom may need trimming to even up the wool lengths.

Jasmine was pretty excited about the pom pom and patiently wound the wool round and round the cardboard. Alex was nowhere near as patient and preferred to watch mum and I make his pom pom for him. He was more than happy to play with the finished product.

Alex found it easier to have a go at wrapping wool around paddle pop sticks. This is another activity I recall enjoying as a small child.

We'll have to do some more practice and purchase some extra long paddle pop sticks so we can make the god's eyes over at Or long sticks from the garden would work too.

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