Thursday, 8 November 2012

Turning 5 - kids party games

Alex and Jasmine turned 5 last week. For their birthday party we organised some good old fashioned party games. The kids loved all the craziness, and of course the opportunity to win prizes and eat lollies!

Have a look below for some of the favourite games:

1. I hung marshmallows with string on the clothes line and the kids had to eat them without using their hands. I threaded the string through the marshmallows with a large needle a couple of nights before the party. A rather sticky task. Marshmallow eating was a big hit ... not just a sugar hit ... but a fun challenge too!

2. Next I put a lolly on a plastic plate and covered it in whipped cream. Everyone was given a plate with a cream smothered lolly. The first to lick through the cream and chew up the lolly until finished was declared the winner and given a prize. The messy faces were hilarious.

3. We had a superhero and princess treasure hunt in the garden. I printed out some images from the internet, cut them out and stuck them on paddle pop sticks with tape. I hid them in the garden. The kids could exchange the princesses and superheroes for lollies. In addition, two of the images had gold stars on the back of them and thus attracted an extra prize.

4. We tried a few different activities using a parachute. I was hesistant to use the parachute as I thought the kids had outgrown it but Jasmine was keen to give it a go. It was surprisingly popular. The kids loved bouncing a ball on top of the parachute, running around the outside and underneath it.

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