Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mosaic buttons

I have always been obsessed with mosaic creations of all kinds. I love the mix of colour and texture. When I see mosaic images I think of Gaudi and Spain and all my memories of travel in Barcelona come back - the beautiful sounds of people speaking spanish, sunny walks in Park Guell, vibrant markets, amazing architecture shopping etc.

I have a bag of tiles in my shed waiting for the right time to embark on a mosaic creation for our garden. In the meantime, Jasmine and I decided to make some mini mosaic canvases to decorate the mantlepiece. Tiles are hard to cut for little people and need a great deal of assistance and supervision from an adult so we decided to use buttons instead. We prepared the canvases first by giving them a couple of coats of craft paint. We then tipped some craft glue into a cup and rummaged through our collection of buttons to pick out a range of hues and sizes. We decided to use animal cut-outs to help with our design.

You can see in the pics below that for the blue canvas Jasmine traced the fish cut-out and stuck buttons directly onto the canvas. I like the end result even though it is tricky to see the exact outline of the fish. For the green and pink canvas we decided to stick the buttons on the cut out itself. This seems to give a sharper result. Both work though.

And here is a Gaudi image for future inspiration!

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