Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Home made see-saw

Alex and Jasmine retrieved some left over plastic drain pipe and a board from the rubbish pile we had been making down the side of our house. The rubbish was meant to go out on our next council collection day. However, it appears my children had other ideas. I heard them giggling madly outside. When I came out to see what was the cause of so much fun, I discovered they were trying to make a see-saw. It was very clever of them, though unfortunately not the safest or sturdiest creation.

On the weekend their dad got out his tool box and helped make the see-saw more stable. He started by measuring the board so he could line up the pipe in the middle. The pipe would create a small axis so the children could sit on the board and rock up and down. Next Rod drilled two bits of wood (left over from when he made our gate) on the bottom of the board to hold the pipe in place.

Rod used a handsaw to cut the wood to the right size and then attached them to the board using screws and a drill.

Lastly, Rod cut two more pieces of wood and attached these to the top of the board so Alex and Jasmine could have handles to hold onto. However, standing up on the see-saw seems to be most popular at the moment!

I know our see-saw won't win prizes for appearance. We'll have to think about how to decorate it. I could let the children go crazy with paint or stickers ... hmmmm ... maybe that could be another project to add to our blog. I'll keep you updated.


  1. a great result with minimum effort - cute & clever!
    off to have a look round your site, joined up and would love you to come visit me too! x

  2. Thanks yeah the see-saw is a great hit with the kids. Thanks for joining up. I'll be sure to come and check out your site soon.

  3. Love this - perfect for my twins. Helen (curly Birds)

  4. See-saws are excellent for twins as there is minimal weight imbalance. Most lucky!