Monday, 15 October 2012

Pop Art activity

I love the bright, cheeky feel of Pop Art. I recently ordered a Pop Art canvas of Alex and Jasmine from Pascoe Pop Art. I'm super happy with the picture they created for us. Check it out below.

Having our new canvas on the wall has inspired us to create some pop art images of our own. I showed Alex and Jasmine some of my favourite famous Pop Art images such as Marilyn Monroe and the rows of Campbell soup cans.

Next we printed off some photos on our black and white printer so we could add our own assortment of colour to them with textas and create our own Pop Art.

Jasmine thought it was fun giving everyone bright coloured hair and crazy lips.

It was a fun activity though the final images aren't nearly as impressive as our new canvas and the famous images of Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein.


  1. The ones you create are real life and that is precious! Thanks for sharing on Busy Monday!

  2. Too cute---and what a great idea for any age!