Sunday, 22 April 2012

Our beautiful rainbow wall mural

We love our new rainbow mural so much we just had to share some pics. I wish I could paint a mural on my kids' bedroom wall but there is no way I could guarantee a result they would be happy with. Kids can be seriously tough critics! So I called upon my aunt, Di, to save the day. Our only request was for a rainbow. The rest we left up to Di.

It took a few weeks to complete the mural. Di began by drawing the design in pencil on the wall. She then used a liquid masking fluid around the images to keep them clean while she painted on the background colours - sky and grass. I bought wall paint from Bunnings for the background colours and tree. Di used acrylic paints for the rest.

The two children were the trickiest part I believe but Di has amazing patience and incredible attention to detail. The other tricky thing is trying to stop the kids from touching all the images and making them dirty. We decided to put a few layers of varnish on the images within the kids' reach to help keep them looking good for longer.

How lucky are my kids?! Although I must say, it's not just the kids who are lucky. I love wandering past their room and soaking up the cheerful view.

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  1. Your aunt Di surely had done a great job creating this wall mural. You and your kids are lucky to have an amazing Aunt that can paint like this. I wonder what your kids’ reactions were after they saw the mural, as you said, kids can seriously be tough critics. But based from the picture, I know it would be hard to criticize such beautiful work.