Sunday, 23 June 2013

Winter chalk drawings

On this very wintery wet weekend we decided to do some chalk drawings. This was another simple activity to keep us occupied while staying warm and dry. And the only materials you need are: black, grey and blue paper and some white chalk.

Our pictures included wet trees, soggy dogs and big grey clouds.

And our favourite muddy puddle of course!

I think black, grey and white pastels would also be good for this activity.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Making art - geometric shapes and patterns

Jasmine and I did some drawing on the weekend, using geometric shapes to make patterns. It is a great activity as all you need are some sheets of paper (we used A3) and coloured pencils. We started by outlining shapes on the page. Some shapes overlapped others. It was interesting to note the new shapes that formed in the spaces around the shapes we were drawing.

We then coloured in all our shapes in different colours until the whole page was filled with colour.

There's something intriguing about the different patterns and colours you can create using simple geometric shapes. I really like the work of Bruce Gray below.

And Kandinsky of course ... most inspiring!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Card houses

We've been busy busy in my household lately so haven't many creative activities to share. What I can say is we are obsessed with mastering the art of making card houses ....

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Word art

With the kids in kindergarten this year, much of our energy each week is dedicated to learning how to read, write and count. However, we still want to keep up our fun, creative activities. So, this rainy Sunday I helped the kids make some word art.

We started with the theme of "rain" not surprisingly. The kids told me some words to write: "Rainy days sleepy days pitter patter on the roof snuggle cuddle inside".

Alex then asked me to draw a crab and he told me a story to write about the crab. "Crabs go in the sand and they never come back out again. Then one day they come back out again. Look out I'm coming to eat you!"

Jasmine drew a butterfly and asked me to write the following: "Flutter Flip Soft. Flutter by. Up up up in the air. I am bright in the sky. Pretty pink butterfly."

We drew our favourite letters "A" for Alex and "J" for Jasmine and wrote as many words we could think of beginning with those letters.

Lastly we made a poster for the kids' grandfather "Poppy" for his 70th birthday. We filled the "P" with words that remind us of Poppy such as "Funny Poppy. Pie pineapple play. Boat float. Sailing Skiing Sleeping Snoring".