Friday, 15 March 2013

Easter egg crafts

I've never dyed eggs for Easter before. I'm usually too busy eating chocolate eggs to think of other non-chocolate options. However, Jasmine and Alex were keen to make some coloured eggs this year.

We used fresh eggs and natural food dyes from the supermarket. I thought the natural food dyes would be better when it came to eating the eggs. However, the colour in these dyes wasn't vibrant enough. We were a bit disappointed with the end result.

We still enjoyed the activity though. We boiled the eggs for 12 minutes. While they were cooling we prepared bowls of different coloured water - red, green and yellow. We had to use several teaspoons of food dye to make sure the egg shells would absorb the colour.

We tied string around a couple of the eggs prior to dying them. We dunked the eggs in the dye for a few minutes. Once dry, we removed the string so that an interesting pattern remained.

For the other eggs, we jazzed them up with stickers.

We decided to make some FIMO clay eggs too. We used "FIMO soft oven hardening modelling clay" but to tell you the truth it wasn't particularly "soft". We really had to knead the clay and warm it in our hands before we could mould it.

We made a few different patterns then put them in the oven at 110 degrees celsius for 30 minutes.

We put them on display on our sideboard together with the felt bags the kids had made last year. They are cheerful to look at and the kids enjoy hiding them around the living room and going on easter egg hunt after easter egg hunt ...


  1. I'm sure the kids are very proud with their handiwork! This will certainly be on our to do list once the little one is older!

  2. Lovely ideas for Easter craft. Thanks so much for sharing.