Monday, 17 June 2013

Making art - geometric shapes and patterns

Jasmine and I did some drawing on the weekend, using geometric shapes to make patterns. It is a great activity as all you need are some sheets of paper (we used A3) and coloured pencils. We started by outlining shapes on the page. Some shapes overlapped others. It was interesting to note the new shapes that formed in the spaces around the shapes we were drawing.

We then coloured in all our shapes in different colours until the whole page was filled with colour.

There's something intriguing about the different patterns and colours you can create using simple geometric shapes. I really like the work of Bruce Gray below.

And Kandinsky of course ... most inspiring!


  1. great timing as we are currently looking at geometry in our home ed numeracy. We love Kandinsky and did hearts like the circles for valentines day. We will look at Bruce Gray, new to us. Then there is always the amazing Victor Vaserely. I love his work. Am I the only mum that looks at the pictures you made and want to start colouring in?

  2. I'm glad this activity has inspired you. We are keen to do some more patterns on the weekend too.

  3. Dropping by from Diana Rambles link up. Just pinned this!