Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Recycled plastic

Our household recently embarked on a plastic collecting mission with the aim of seeing what we could create with all our new found bits and pieces. It was amazing to realise just how much plastic we use in our lives and to think that not that long ago plastic didn't even exist. We found different forms of plastic - clear, opaque, soft, hard. Some plastics were smellier than others.

We used scissors and a hole puncher to create a necklace made up of different plastic shapes which Jasmine took great pleasure in parading around the house. 

Alex used sticky tape and everything we collected to make all sorts of plastic ships and flying machines. While I can't say we made anything especially beautiful or worth keeping forever it was certainly an interesting exercise to take notice what different kinds of plastic we use around the house and what ways we could think of re-using it to create something fun.


  1. I love this activity - recycling and open-ended creativity all wrapped up in one!

  2. Thanks, I must say I was surprised how much the kids really liked this activity too.