Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Artkive - digital storage for artwork

Now that Halloween festivities and my kids' birthday party have been and gone I can do a bit of sorting and tidying before the surge of Xmas crafts and other activities are upon us.

My kids share a room so that we can have a spare room to use for playing, crafting and storage but for some reason we still seem to end up with "stuff" all over the place. I can never find anything when I need though I must say I am quite good at finding things today that I needed yesterday. Is this something that happens to all of us? Or just me?

My kids have a drawer each in our spare room cupboard for their Kindergarten artworks but this is rapidly filling up. So you can imagine my excitement when I was recommended a mobile app for storing kids art digitally called Artkive-

I downloaded the Artkive App for free via the App store. It is really easy to use. I take photos of the kids artwork with my iPhone or iPad and then artkive them into different albums. So far I have just created two kindergarten albums - one for each child. You can give each artwork a title, date and description if you like.

Maybe at the end of the year I will print off a book. This could make a fun gift for someone. It will certainly be a neat way of storing their fabulous first drawings.

I highly recommend this App.

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