Monday, 20 August 2012

Moon poster

Tonight we made a moon poster. We've long been excited about the moon in my family. Alex and Jasmine often ask why the moon is so bright and notice how it always changes shape. After dinner, Alex and I wandered outside and discovered the moon was a tiny sliver, the smallest possible crescent.

We returned inside to make our poster. Alex also decided we should make a telescope. First we  found a piece of black cardboard and painted the word "Moon" on it. We then drew some different sized moon shapes on white paper and cut them out. This provided a great opportunity for practising the kids' drawing and cutting skills. We stuck the shapes on our black cardboard and easy as that we'd made our moon poster.

Alex made the telescope with a white piece of printer paper and sticky tape. He rolled and fastened it himself and though admitting it wasn't "real" it was "just right" according to him. My husband explained how the moon spins around the earth, well at least he tried to explain it, with a tennis ball and a globe.

Most importantly, Alex was very excited about seeing the moon and stars. He said he would dream about them all night and in his dreams he would catch all the stars and put them under his pillow.