Sunday, 12 August 2012

Painting with masking tape

It has been such a windy weekend and with the kids sick with colds Rod and I thought it would be best to stay indoors. We've kept ourselves busy colouring in, making popcorn, making a mess, making more mess and playing with cardboard boxes. To satisfy our creativity we decided to do some painting on A3 paper using masking tape to create different patterns and shapes.

Step 1: Put masking tape on plain paper. We made a couple of "As" for Alex and then random patterns.

Step 2: Paint over the masking tape until you have covered the whole page.

Step 3: Peel off the masking tape. The kids really enjoyed peeling back the tape to reveal the fabulous white shapes underneath the colourful paint.


  1. So fun! I love doing this kind of painting. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!