Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ice toys

I know in some parts of the world, the air is turning crisper, days shorter and there is a growing temptation to retreat indoors. However, in my part of the world it is lovely and sunny. The air is like a fluffy warm blanket and the colourful Spring flowers greet you as you step out of the house. My kids and I have been thinking of as many activities to do outside that we possibly can.

We've been gardening, kicking a ball around, filling up our new inflatable pool and riding bikes on the patio. Last weekend I froze some of the kids little toys in tupperware containers of water over night while they were sleeping.

In the morning I brought out the lumps of ice and we played a game called "free the toys". Alex and Jasmine tried a few different techniques to retrieve their toys. They tried hosing the blocks of ice.

They tried a hammer.

Jasmine even tried sucking some of the smaller pieces of ice. Eventually they managed to free all their little toys.

It was such a lovely day, Alex and Jasmine then decided to fill up two of their toy buckets with warm water and hop in and play with their newly retrieved toys. They stayed in their buckets for over an hour. Such a blissful way for everyone to spend time on a Sunday!

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  1. Well, it is starting to get colder where I live, but it's still warm enough to do this. This is a great idea! My son will love it! Thanks for the idea.