Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Super heroes in action

When I saw the #kodakavengers Linky Challenge over at Britmum's Blog I knew my son would be keen to participate. I asked my husband to run off some of the free printable masks on his work printer and bring them home. Alex was sooooo excited he just couldn't decide which Avenger mask to wear - Hulk, Iron Man or Captain America. A tough decision to make!

He started with a Captain America mask, as did my daughter. We made "baddies" out of balloons. I filled the balloons with some water and the kids drew faces on them with a black pen. I then hung the balloons with string off our pergola outside so the kids could show off their superhero skills.

Alex and Jasmine charged at the baddies with their fists, trying with all their powers to pop the balloons. There were some funny sound effects coming from Alex in particular ... yaaaa, pow, gotcha ...!

Alex then switched to an Iron Man mask. He said, "Mum - you know you are so lucky to have a son like me that can pop all the water balloons so easily". Too funny. Indeed I am.

After the water ballooons had been popped, the kids had an outfit change and made their way to the trampoline for some more craziness.

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