Friday, 26 October 2012

Bandanna Art for Charity

I was recently contacted with information about a new app called "Bandanna Art" which was launched for CanTeen Australia. Bandanna Art, is an iPhone and iPad app that has been created and developed by Tribal DDB and CanTeen. The world-first app allows people to design a 100% customised bandanna that is then delivered to their door, with all proceeds going to CanTeen.

CanTeen is an Australian organisation that supports and empowers young people living with cancer. Each year, to raise funds and awareness, the organisation holds National Bandanna Day on the 26th October—a day where people show their support by purchasing and wearing a bandanna. However, you can create and purchase bandannas any time to show your support for CanTeen.

Have a look at the website below and download the bandanna app. You can browse a range of bandanna designs created by others or create one yourself.

I created a design and called it "Crunchy red pear" because I've always found something strangely appealing about pictures of pears. The kids made "Alex's lion" and "Jazzy flowers".

The app was free and easy to download and incredibly straight forward to use. I'd love to have a go at creating other fabric like this one day.

In the meantime, I am glad to know that my creation and purchase of bandannas at $20 each will go towards a very worthy cause.

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