Thursday, 18 October 2012

Paper bag pinata

The kids and I were recently invited to a six year old's birthday party. The birthday boy had just returned from visiting family overseas and surprisingly wasn't jet lagged so decided to have a last-minute celebration. Rather than bringing food or a present I was asked to bring a game or activity. So the kids and I put our brains into action and decided to make a pinata.

We went to our craft cupboard and located a paper bag, our Quicksticks silver sticky tape and some other supplies. We use Quicksticks tape for all sorts of craft activities in our household - making rockets, robots, decorating, etc. It is easy for the kids to peel and apply. It is sturdy and has a great shimmery silver finish. You can see in an earlier post how we used the tape when we first discovered it.

Other supplies we used to make our pinata include:
  • streamers
  • paint
  • glue
  • wrapping paper
  • string or rope
  • lollies and goodies to put inside the pinata.

First we painted one side of the paper bag and then cut out some images from wrapping paper and stuck them on with glue. We used quick drying acrylic paint which meant we could get on with the decorating without having to wait for ages.

Next we cut some strips of different coloured streamers and covered the other side of the paper bag.

I used Quicksticks tape to fasten the streamers to the bag and added another image on top with glue.

Lastly I taped some more streamers to the bottom of the bag. I figured when it comes to kids' parties there is no such thing as too many streamers.

When we got to the party I attached the bag to a tree branch with thin string but this only lasted one hit so we then tied it up again with rope. I would also recommend adding extra tape to the paper bag handles to make sure they are super strong and won't tear.

The kids had a good time all taking turns hitting the bag with a stick and then descending swiftly like a flock of seagulls on the loot that lay scattered on the grass.

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