Monday, 25 February 2013

Watercolour cards

Jasmine and I made watercolour cards. I was inspired by an activity I saw on Grow Creative blog - striped heart watercolour tutorial. I follow Elise's blog regularly. She is very talented with her use of watercolours. I recommend you check out her blog tutorial. Jasmine and I are beginners when it comes to watercolours. However, we had fun experimenting and are pretty pleased with what we created.

As Elise suggested, we first outlined our shape on a sheet of thick white paper. We drew our hearts free-hand but traced around bought cardboard cut-outs for our cloud and flower. I made stripes across the shapes using a ruler. Jasmine and I then used paint brushes dipped in water to apply the watercolours to each stripe.

When the paint had dried we cut out the shapes. We wrote a birthday message on one of the hearts.

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