Saturday, 9 February 2013

Mod podge pencil holders

It's been an exciting week in our household with Alex and Jasmine starting school. There's been a few ups and downs with so many new things to get used to. Today we welcomed two puppies into our household. The kids said it was "the best day ever .... even better than Christmas".

Amid all these new events, Jasmine and I have still managed to potter around in our craft room. We bought some MDF pencil holders at the hardware store on a recent visit. This week we decided to decorate them with:
  • paint
  • mod podge
  • scrap book paper.
Step 1: Apply one or two coats of craft paint and leave to dry.

Step 2: Cut out scrapbook paper images.


Step 3: Stick the images on the dry paint using mod podge. The mod podge acts like glue under the paper and then if you add a few coats on top of the paper it leaves a nice smooth finish. Such great stuff!

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