Thursday, 25 April 2013

Clay trophy

My kids have been seriously focused on winning a trophy at the moment. I think they discovered trophies at school.

They think all good behaviour should be rewarded with a trophy - getting dressed, brushing your teeth, saying please and thank you, anything really ....

My husband found some of his old sailing and skiing trophies while cleaning out the shed recently. The kids have these on display in their bedroom.

However, Alex and Jasmine also wanted to make their very own trophy to win. We decided to make one out of air drying clay using the pinch pot method. We have used this method before to make a tea set.

Once the clay had dried overnight, Jasmine painted the trophy with yellow student acrylic paint and added some stickers.

The clay trophy is awarded each night at bedtime for the person who can lie the stillest and calmest in their bed and be the "Relaxation Winner". So far I am the winner! I wonder who will be the person who gets handed the trophy next?

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