Friday, 21 December 2012

Glue batik

Only four more days until Christmas. Pretty exciting! We made glue batik pillow slips just in time to put them at the end of the kids' beds for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve.

I have great memories making batik fabric at primary school. I have wanted to try this technique with my kids but have been turned off by the potential accidents from using hot wax. So when I came across the idea of batik using glue I knew I had to try it.

I took tips from the blog "That artist woman". She recommended using Elmer's gel glue. I didn't have any so tried using a different water based craft glue. Unfortunately the glue proved so sticky that it didn't come off even after I soaked it for a day. So, I made sure to try it again with Elmer's glue. I found some at a newsagency by chance but also discovered you can buy it on ebay and from Office Works.

Step 1 - Draw pattern on fabric with glue. Don't forget to put a cloth underneath so the glue doesn't seep through the other side. Leave to dry for a day.

Step 2 - Once glue has dried fully, paint over the fabric with watered down paint. We used fabric paint. However, I have read that regular acrylic paint works just as well.

Step 3 - when paint is dry, wash off with soap and warm water. I used a nail brush to make sure all the glue had rinsed off.

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