Sunday, 30 December 2012

Tadpole pond

As expected, my kids have been busy playing with the new scooters and toys that Santa brought them for Christmas. On Boxing Day, when they visited their grandparents they came home with a jar of tadpoles from the pond. We knew the poor tadpoles wouldn't be happy to stay in an old coffee jar for long so we set to work to make a temporary pond in our front garden.

We used an old laundry tub.

I dragged our spade out of the shed and dug a hole in the ground. Geez it is hard to make a dent in clay soil! However, I kept going as far as I could so we could hide the ugly plastic bucket a little.

Alex helped fill the tub with water.

Then he took great pleasure pouring the tadpoles into their new home.

Jasmine and Alex walked around our garden gathering flowers, sticks and leaves to decorate the outside of the pond.

So it still looks a little like a laundry tub but thankfully this doesn't seem to bother the kids!

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