Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Intro to still life drawing

What a rainy weekend we've just had. Normally I'm not a big fan of the rain but after all the stinking hot days it made for a welcome change. It also gave us plenty of time for indoor activities such as games and drawing.

Jasmine and I had fun experimenting with still life drawing, using the lovely two tiered set of Derwent coloured pencils she was given for Christmas. Such beautiful pencils. What a lucky girl! I consider myself pretty fortunate to be able to share them too.

Choosing which fruit and vegies to draw was a fun activity in itself. The choosing process made us stop and think about colour, size, shape and texture of different foods.

Jasmine did a great job drawing the food in front of her. She really studied the different colours and how the light fell on the objects.

We didn't labour on our drawings but instead enjoyed the exploration of colour and form. We liked the moon shape of the rockmelon slices ...

And the dark, rich purples, reds and greens of the plums.

Our final display involved mushrooms, capsicums and celery.

Then the kids decided it was time to eat the display!

Although we didn't create any masterpieces worth framing, I definitely recommend setting up this activity with your kids. It was a relaxing way to spend time and great drawing practice.


  1. hi Claudia! just recently found your blog and think it is so sweet :) i'm your newest GFC and i nominated YOU for the Leibster Award! YAY!
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  2. Thanks for the Leibster Award nomination. Much appreciated. I have just visited your blog and signed up as a follower. I see you've created all sorts of fun activities too.