Monday, 16 September 2013

Fairy garden

Spring arrived very early in Sydney this year with two or three weeks of beautiful warm weather. It even climbed up to 30 degrees celsius for a couple of days. As as result, Jasmine and I were inspired to plant some flowers and create our very own fairy garden.

First we started out buying a large terracotta pot.

And a selection of plants.

We also bought some soil and sugar cane mulch. Because we used such a large, deep pot, we first added one third a bag of mulch before pouring in the soil.

Jasmine planted the flowers. We used an old plastic bowl and filled it with water so our fairies could have a pond to enjoy.

We bought two fairies, a bench and some painted toadstools online from "My Little Fairy Garden" -

We also added some different coloured pebbles from Bunnings.

We love our pretty new fairy garden. It seems so tranquil yet bright. Introducing Lavendar Fairy ...

and Candytuft fairy ...

Now we just have to make sure our cheeky dogs don't get any ideas about messing up our creation!

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  1. Super cute & fun! Thanks for linking at my Pin Me Party!