Friday, 6 September 2013

Rainbow sand in a jar

When I was in primary school I remember my dad went on a business trip to some desert location and came back with a small jar of different coloured sands. I thought this was the coollest thing ever and kept it on display in my bedroom for years.

With this in mind, I helped the kids make rainbow sand in a jar. We used the following materials:

  • jars
  • sand
  • food colouring
  • spoons
  • plastic sandwich bags.
It's pretty easy to make the coloured sand. Just scoop a few spoonfuls of sand into a plastic bag. Add between 5 and 10 drops of food colouring. Seal the bag then shake it or massage it until all the sand changes colour.

We made four bags of different coloured sand - blue, green, red and yellow.

To finish off, scoop the coloured sand into your jar and enjoy!


  1. I loved doing this as a kid. Lots of fun :)

  2. I just started coloring our sand with food coloring and I love how easy it is. We haven't actually made anything with it yet, but I love those lovely jars - what wonderful gifts they'd make!

  3. Yeah I was surprised how easy it was and not too messy either.

  4. My daughter would love this! Thank you for sharing at our Pinning for Play link party!

  5. Fun project~ Thanks for sharing at my Pin Me Linky Party!