Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Turning my old clothes into kids' costumes

This week the kids and I decided to turn some of my old clothes into new costumes for them. We started with a couple of skirts and singlets. I bought some fancy elastic at Spotlight plus a range of fun iron on motifs, ribbons, sew-on jewels and buttons. There was an insane amount of choice. It was really tricky to restrain myself from spending a crazy amount of money. Luckily I didn't have much time so had to make quick decisions.

For Jasmine, I started out by sewing some elastic shoulder straps on two old skirts so she could wear them as dresses. We played around with the lay out of the jewels and sew-on bits and pieces until we were happy. After the kids went to bed I did the sewing. I know I am not the first person to try and breathe new life into old clothing but it was a fun experience and Jasmine absolutely loves her new costumes so we really wanted to share the results. See the finished dresses below.

Alex was enjoying dressing up and parading in front of the camera.

Alex also requested that I make him a teenage mutant ninja turtle costume. He put on my old green singlet. I used orange felt to tie around him for his waist band and then stapled green felt together for his wrist and ankle bands. We then had a fabulous time pretending to be ninjas and fight off all the "baddies" in our garden. It was a long, energetic adventure that ended with a camp fire on an island where we ate crocodile for dinner and slept soundly in our beds made of leaves.

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