Monday, 14 May 2012

Lovely moon shaped heatie wheaties

I've been wanting to re-cover my kids boring, plain heatie wheaties for ages. When my daughter's curiousity got the better of her, and she tested her scissors on her heatie wheatie to see what was inside, I decided the time for a re-vamp had arrived. I used some fine star-patterned red curdory fabric and then took the following simple steps:
  1. Fold the fabric in half with the coloured side facing each other.
  2. Draw a moon shape (or cloud, heart, star etc) on the fabric with some chalk.
  3. Pin fabric in place and cut out shape.
  4. Sew around edge of shape with sewing machine. The fabric should still have the coloured sides facing each other. Leave about four fingers width unsewn so you can turn the fabric the right way out. I did two rows of stitching around the edge for extra reinforcement.
  5. Once you have sewn around the shape, turn it the right way up.
  6. Pour wheat into the bag using a funnel.
  7. Hand sew hole together.

Enjoy newer, cuter looking heatie wheaties!

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