Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tie dye kids' aprons


It was time for new kids' aprons in our household. We ordered some plain white aprons from http://www.kidscookingtools.com.au/ via eBay for $10 each, knowing that it would be fun to decorate them ourselves. We debated options such as fabric paint, dye or sewed on pockets. We finally decided on good old fashioned tie dye.We started by gathering bits of the apron together and twisting two or three elastic bands tightly around the fabric.

Next we poured red fabric dye powder into a large pot with five litres of warm water and five table spoons of salt. We had the pot over the stove but didn't actually turn the gas on. It just seemed like an easy place to put the pot. On the dye packet it suggested using a laundry sink instead of a large pot. We poked the fabric under the liquid and stirred it occassionally over a 45 minute period.

Once it looked like the fabric had absorbed a good level of colour, we rinsed the aprons in cold water and hung them on the line to dry. The next day, Jasmine was very excited to peel off the elastic bands and see how the aprons would look.

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