Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Funny photo dress ups

I don't know why in this modern age of digital photography I still manage to have an abundance of unused print outs of photos lying around my house. I seem to print out photos with the aim of putting them in an album and / or sending them to family and friends but then get side tracked and end up "temporarily" putting the photos aside in a box. At least the kids and I enjoy looking through my box of photos and talking about where we've been and what the kids were like as little babies.

One night after dinner we were rummaging through old photos when we decided it would be fun to cut out some faces and re-dress them with the paper dresses from an activity set Jasmine was given. Below is the original magnetic dress up kit. It had been a fun activity for Jasmine but she was happy to use it for something new.

Jasmine and Alex helped cut out familiar faces of me, their dad, Mimi, Poppy and friends. They then selected what outfits each person would wear and glued them on A3 sheets.

The pictures look great on their playroom wall. It's too funny seeing Poppy in a pink sparkly dress. And it's been an awfully long time since I slipped on a long purple formal dress!

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