Monday, 4 June 2012

Mirror mirror on the wall

One of my kids' favourite activities at the moment is to make their way over to the bathroom mirror and ask "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?". The answer is themselves of course.

While I think this is a cute and harmless activity, I would prefer if they didn't put hand prints all over the bathroom mirror. But asking my kids to stop making a mess is really like asking them to stop eating. So I figured an easier and more fruitful solution would be to decorate a mirror especially for the kids' bedroom and to be used as they like.

While Alex was busy riding his bike, Jasmine and I set to work, turning a plain piece of round board and a round mirror that we'd bought at Riot Art and Craft Store into something pretty.

We painted the board a light blue / grey with some craft paint. Once the paint had dried Jasmine stuck shells and buttons around the outer edge with PVA craft glue. The shells needed a lot of glue and I must say it was a bit alarming to see white glue oozing everywhere. Thankfully excess glue was easily wiped away with a wet cloth and it dried clear so you can barely notice it on the finished product. Jasmine stuck the mirror in the centre (well it's not quite in the centre but close enough!). I think the combination of blue, white and green buttons and shells is fun and refreshing. We had collected some shells from the beach just before Xmas last year while holidaying on the NSW coast. However, I know you can buy shells at craft stores too if your next coastal holiday is a long way into the future.

The kids love their new mirror. They are always peering into the mirror when it is sitting on their bedroom mantlepiece and have even started bringing it with them around the house as they move from one activity to the next.


  1. What a fun craft! My six year old and I were just talking this morning about setting up a little place for her to primp in her room and now I know the perfect mirror for her!

  2. I would definitely recommend making one of these mirrors. Fun and useful too. I just had a look at what you have been up to on your blog. I love the meditation friends you made. I am keen to try those out and have a read of the piggy meditation book you mention.

  3. How fun!! I love it. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

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