Sunday, 10 June 2012

Quicksticks silver sticky tape for little people

At Mathilda's Handmade Market recently in Sydney, I bought some Quicksticks silver sticky tape. It is a tape created by two retired early childhood teachers to use for craft activities in early childhood centres and at home. Basically, it is an easy tape for kids to cut, peel and stick. Used with recycled boxes and rolls, kids can have great fun creating all sorts of things. Quicksticks tape is sold with an optional heart or star crimper. You thread the tape through the crimper and it comes out the other end stamped with a pattern. Have a look at for more information.

We used aluminum foil, Quicksticks tape and a bunch of different shaped cereal and other boxes and toilet paper rolls. First we made a robot.

Next we decided to make TV sets with a silver backing and white paper on which Alex and Jasmine drew a movie of their choosing. We also remembered to make a remote control using foil, tape and a cardboard jelly box. Alex and Jasmine had a great time sitting in front of their TVs with their teddies, dolls and a bowl of fruit.

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  1. Oh, how neat!! I love their creations! Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!