Thursday, 14 June 2012

Soothing glitter in a jar

Ever since Jasmine was given a fairy glitter paper weight, she has been asking me how it is made. We decided to create our own version of her fairy paperweight using a jar.

We filled two jars with water and then Alex and Jasmine poured in a couple of different coloured tubes of glitter. We experimented with objects to add to the glitter such as a small fairy doll for Jasmine and a lizard for Alex and his beloved Diego figurine.

I thought the jars looked cool. It's fun to watch the glitter disperse across the jar and then settle slowly to the bottom. However, Alex and Jasmine were a bit sad to think they couldn't play with their toys if they were stuck in a jar. So, we took them out, washed them and decided to throw in a few old plastic farm animals instead. We also covered the boring green plastic lids of the jars. Have a look at the pictures below for what we ended up with.

For a similar project, using plastic water bottles, have a look at the Meditation Friends over at the Moonsprig website.

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