Friday, 1 June 2012

Playing with autumn leaves

Our garden is permanently full of leaves at the moment. I think the lawn looks a little messy but Alex and Jasmine think it's great. They love raking the leaves into piles and jumping like crazy on top.

For a more refined activity, Kris showed the kids how to make leaf prints on paper. We used blue acrylic paint, thinned with a little water. The kids used sponge rollers to apply a coat of paint to the leaves. They then put a clean sheet of paper on top of the paint-covered leaf and pressed it down with their hands.  When you peel off the top layer of paper, a lovely blue leaf print appears. Very satisfying!

The kids also experimented with applying the paint onto the leaf with a paintbrush and enjoyed seeing the white leaf design amid the blue paint, after removing the leaf.

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