Friday, 25 January 2013

Fun to grow seeds

Life seems to be busy busy at the moment with my husband travelling for work, painters in my living room and carpet being laid. We haven't had the space for much art and craft. However, we always have to try some sort of activity to keep us entertained. So we retrieved our box of seeds from the top of the kitchen cupboard and explored growing sprouts in different shapes.

We bought the bird seeds from the supermarket. We occasionally put seeds out for the birds in our backyard. I had also heard you can grow them, kinda like alfalfa sprouts, but you can't eat them.

The kids chose their favourite cookie cutter shapes.

We used a plastic tray. Lay 5 sheets of kitchen paper across the tray. Wet thoroughly with water.

 Then sprinkle your seeds. We will keep watering every day or so and see what happens ...

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