Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Memory boxes

We've been distracted again ... enjoying the Summer sunshine and playing at the beach. We've also been busy building and painting a cubby house in the backyard. Once we finish it I will upload some pictures.

On one of our many recent trips to the hardware store for paint and other bits and pieces the kids and I bought two little wooden boxes with a glass lid so we could make display / memory boxes.

Jasmine decided she would decorate her box with textas and put her shells on display.

Alex thought his box should contain lego men. He used blu-tack to stick them to the back board so that he could retrieve the figures when he wanted to use them.

He too decided to add a bit of decoration to his box with texta.

I think the boxes look lovely and using blu-tack means the kids can have fun changing their display from time to time. The boxes can sit on their bookshelf in their bedroom.


  1. So special because they had a hand in making the memories! Love it! I'd like to invite you to participate in my Pin Me Linky Party. It goes Fri-Wed. I allow up to 3 links each week!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I have become a follower to your blog and will be sure to share future activities at your weekly link parties.

    2. Thanks so much Claudia!! I am following you too!

  2. That's a fantastic idea to keep there special things in. I never think of nifty things like that.

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