Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Crazy Caterpillars

My mum (or Nona as the kids call her) came over this afternoon with her usual bag of goodies. I am not sure the kids deserved her treats after their incessant whinging and moody behaviour this morning. However, it did mean we could have some fun creating crazy caterpillars. I found an old bag of tights in the back of my cupboard and let the kids choose what colour they would like. Jasmine of course chose purple and Alex green. No surprises there. We then used the polysterene balls that Nona brought over and fed them one by one into a leg of the tights. After inserting seven balls, we picked out some chenille sticks and pipe cleaners and tied them in between the balls to make different coloured legs. We then used glitter glue to make a mouth and stuck on some googly eyes. Jasmine patiently twisted the pipe cleaners into place but I'm afraid Alex found it all a little too tiring and disappeared off to the pantry for a snack. Nona managed to entice him back with a reading of their favourite book - The Hungry Caterpillar.

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