Saturday, 17 March 2012

Felt puppets

Yesterday the kids and I had fun making felt puppets with a mixture of left over craft bits. This was an easy activity and didn't cost us much at all. We used cut up felt pieces, glue, buttons and googly eyes. I cut out felt rectangles, folded them in half and then sewed up the sides with my sewing machine. Super simple sewing - just how I like it! The kids helped cut out felt pieces to use for noses, mouths and hair and glued them into place. See pics below. Now we are ready for a puppet show. Yay!

When it comes to art and craft for kids there are so many wonderful bits and pieces you can buy from the shops. The only problem is finding time to get there! Since my kids were born I have done the majority of my shopping online - toys, games, clothes, presents, craft items and activity kits. For the most part I have been pleased with my purchases. Once I misread a size guide on kids shoes and accidentally bought an extra large size of silver ballet shoes for Jasmine. She loved them so much that she scuffed them on day one so I couldn't exchange them. For my craft material I am also lucky that my mother has a cupboard full of fabric and an assortment of craft paints, glue, buttons, and cute kids' paraphernalia that she picks up when out and about. We often rely on stuff from her magic craft cupboard. I also have bags with the beginning pieces for a range of craft projects stored in my linen cupboard and in a big suitcase under my bed. One of my tasks this year is to come up with a better storage solution for all our art and craft materials.

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