Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Foil wrapping Christo style

Chatting to another mum at the kids' gymnastics class the other day, we agreed that it is often the really simple activities that kids love the most. The kids were wearing fireman helmets at the time and were following an obstacle course with mega-grins on their faces. How does this relate to art and craft? Well I asked what craft activities she finds successful with her four girls. My girls are funny she says, they love wrapping things in foil. How cool I said ... and recalled Christo and Jeanne-Claude's amazing massive wrapped artworks. See two of Christo's exhibits below.

While I admire Christo's dedication to such grand artistic expression, the kids and I stuck to a much simpler wrapping activity after dinner. We laid out two roles of aluminium foil - one each for Alex and Jasmine - and selected a range of differently shaped household items including shoes, teddy bears, jars, books etc.

Alex in particular thought it was great fun. We decided that, once we had finished wrapping everything, we would make their dad try and guess each item. "Don't look Dadda" they kept yelling into the kitchen as they madly wrapped and wrapped.


  1. love it! will be trying this one at home..K

  2. This looks so fun. I want to try it the opposite way, so have Bobo UNwrap everything.

  3. Yes I agree it would be fun for the kids to do some of the guessing too! However they loved the wrapping too so maybe a combination would be best.