Sunday, 4 March 2012

Starting out on our crafty adventure

With all the rain we've had this summer, my kids and I have decided that instead of getting soggy at the beach on our non-work, non-preschool days, we would keep ourselves busy doing art and craft activities.

To help keep us on track and make a record of all our creative achievements I told the kids I would start a blog. So ta dah ... this week begins "Little People Crafts". I will aim to post at least one activity per week.

My twins - Alexander and Jasmine - turned four in November 2011. Being four is exciting in terms of art and craft as this means I can relax more when the glue and scissors are out. When they were younger I would have to be vigilant, not leaving them for a second. I made this mistake once, leaving the room to sort the washing only to come back to the two of them painting their hair and faces with glue. It took two baths and half a container of conditioner before I could brush their hair through. At three years old, I thought they were old enough to be trusted with textas when I had guests over for lunch. I soon learned this was a very misguided assumption when I went to see what was keeping them so quietly occupied in the living room. They had scribbled all over our couch. All I can say is thank goodness for leather couches and leather cleaning solution!

Today we raided the recycling bin, pulled out our paints and brushes and decided to prepare a village. Once the paint has dried we will find our lego people, put our village together and start playing.

Anyway, by sharing some of our art and craft successes and failures I would hope that others can gather some ideas and can also let us in on some of your great art and craft projects.

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