Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Imaginative play with craft

Today Alex and Jasmine were in the mood for imaginative play all day. The theme for their gymnastics class at 11am was dress ups so perhaps this is what inspired them. We had a few hours in between breakfast and gymnastics so we decided to make some rocket ships and make a trip to space. We had recently been given three boxes of second hand books including a book on stars and planets. When planning how to build our rocket ships we referred to this book for ideas as well as helping us to learn some planet facts.

I had been diligently collecting boxes for potential kids crafts. I had two shoe boxes that would be a perfect starting point. We then laid out some foil, yellow cardboard, scissors, red cellophane and sticky tape.

The main goal of today's craft activity was to help take the kids on an imaginative journey to space so I wasn't too worried about making perfect, long-lasting rocket ships. The kids needed a little help wrapping the shoe boxes in foil and making the cone to stick on top. They were able to cut the cellophane strips on their own and stick them on the box (with the occasional need for me to help with the sticky tape dispenser). I was impressed with their efforts. See the pics below.

We gathered together all the lego people we could find, made a door in the space ship for them and then spent a good hour whizzing around the room to some space like music playing on the dvd player. We also covered some different sized balls with foil so we had specific planets for the lego people to visit - Mars, Jupiter and Venus.

For gymnastics they wore their spiderman and supergirl dress ups and made the switch from astronauts to superheroes. After much fun at gymnastics we came home and rested a little. After that, the kids decided they wanted to be pirates. I'll tell you all about our craft treasure chest and pirate adventures in my next blog.

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