Saturday, 14 April 2012

Felt blankets - do you prefer flowers or monsters?

The kids and I decided it would be a fun idea to decorate some felt blankets to tuck their teddies and dolls into bed over the colder months. There were a number of positives to this activity. We have an abundance of felt and so it was a fab opportunity to use up some of it. Jasmine pretty much made her blanket all by herself including cutting the shapes, choosing the design and sticking them on.

You can probably guess that Jasmine preferred a floral design where as Alex preferred monsters. I am not saying flowers are for girls and monsters are for boys. I know my niece, Hebe, would definitely prefer monsters but in my household, the girls choose flowers when given the choice.

Alex asked me to design and cut out the monsters for his blanket but he was more than happy to offer advice on what colours to use, how many eyes the monster should have, what kind of mouth etc. He was helpful when it came to glueing time.

The only materials we used were: coloured felt pieces, scissors, clear craft glue and a paint brush for the glue. You can find felt at fabric stores such as Spotlight where you can buy metres of it, but I have also seen A4 sheets of coloured felt at art and craft stores such as Riot.

When planning the shapes we wanted to cut, I used chalk to draw the shape and then Jasmine could cut around the outline easily. The stronger craft glues are a little smelly but thankfully it was a warm day so we could have the back door and window open. I would recommend a stronger craft glue for longevity.


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