Monday, 9 April 2012

Special drawing notebooks for the car

Car trips can be a little stressful with kids as they wriggle and squirm, whinge about their sibling's choice of music or some other such crime - talking too much, hogging all the space, eating all the grapes etc etc.

So for our most recent trip we set about decorating some special notebooks so the kids would have something to look forward to using in the car with their crayons and pencils.

I bought two small hard-cover notebooks on sale at Riot and some sparkly stickers and ribbons. I have seen similar notebooks at my newsagency and at Myers.

Decorating the books was very easy. Jasmine and I laid out the ribbons and played around with different designs. Both of us then cut the ribbons so they would fit neatly across the width of the book and then stuck them on with our trusty clear craft glue and a paint brush. Jasmine put on the stickers.

I wrote Alex and Jasmine's names on the first page. Together with a small bag of pencils and crayons, the books kept the kids busy for the whole two hour trip. Brilliant!

I'd love to hear other people's ideas about how they would suggest covering a book with or for their kids. Or other ways to keep the peace in the car. Please keep in mind, I cannot sing!

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