Friday, 27 April 2012

Jack-in-the-box photo display

Today we met for our art and craft playgroup. In preparation for today's acivity I had kept some old cardboard boxes aside and gave them a couple of coats of different coloured paints. Now it was up to the kids to decorate them with glue and an assortment of craft bits and pieces. We had stickers, buttons, feathers, ridged carboard shapes, flowers, shells and coloured sticks. These were bought from Spotlight and Eckersley's stores.

It was fun for the kids to play around with colours and design. It was interesting to see the craft bits some kids were drawn to over others. The star stickers and cardboard shapes were popular with Alex and Tom.

See some pics below for the results. I put holes in a couple of the box lids so they could be used for money boxes. The other boxes could be great when presenting gifts to friends and family rather than using wrapping paper. Or of course the kids could store all sorts of trinkets in them.

Later in the afternoon, Jasmine and I decided to stick some photos on the left over box so she could have a photo box to show her friends. Rather than just storing the photos in the box in a pile we decided to make a jack-in-the-box style photo display. When you open the box lid you see a fabulous long strip of photos. To make this, cut a strip of cardboard and fold it like an accordian. I used sticky tape and glue to stick the photos onto the lid and the base of the box. I stuck the photos on with glue. Alex thought this was a good idea so we made one for him too.

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