Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pirate treasures

Today I made pirate treasure chests with Alex and Jasmine as promised. We made three in total - one each. We used old cardboard boxes that we had collected as a starting point. See the bottom of this post for a list of materials we used in addition to our boxes, all of which we bought at the newsagency.

Similarly to other activities we have done recently, the end product is quite simple. Most importantly it creates an opportunity to talk about pirates, treasure, mermaids and put on our roughest pirate voices and bellow at the top of our voices. The kids loved fingering all their gold paper coins, sitting in their pretend pirate ship, grasping their treasure chest, map and telescopes and fantasising about a life on the sea.

You can see in the pictures that I helped the kids by painting the large box with brown paint as I knew this one would be too big to cover. For the two smaller boxes, we covered these in the metallic wrapping sheets with sticky tape. The kids needed a little assistance with this.

Jasmine decorated her treasure chest with pink glittery hearts and stars that she cut out with fancy hole punchers. She also put glitter glue on the sides of her box. Alex was happy with a plain box but insisted on a skull and bone picture which I found very easily on the internet and printed for him to glue on. For something more ornate I think you could easily stick on some beads, gems or stickers.

Dressed in his favourite pirate suit from Spotlight, Alex took himself off to draw a map.

I cut out coins by tracing around a spice jar on three layers of gold paper. Much of my paper comes from Spotlight, Riot Art and Craft Stores or the Newsagency at my local shops.

Alex told me that all pirates need a sword. That's fine, but I only had pink cardboard so this pirate has a pink sword!

List of materials:
  • brown paint,
  • gold and silver tissue paper and metallic paper,
  • a variety of coloured paper,
  • scissors,
  • glitter,
  • craft glue,
  • heart and star hole puncher,
  • skull and bone clipart print out from the computer.

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  1. Oooh, I love his pirate outfit! These are great pirate-y activities! Thanks for sharing them at Teach Me Tuesday!! I hope we see you again tonight!